Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple Home Routines to Help You Keep Fit

Not everyone has the luxury of time and money to go to the gym on a regular basis. This doesn't mean you have an excuse to not keep yourself fit. There are plenty of great exercises you can do at home without having to resort to any expensive equipment and tools. In this article, we have a look at several home exercise routines you can us to keep yourself fit.

Push up
Nothing beats the good old push ups. It pretty much works out a lot of the major upper-body muscles like the pectorals, biceps, triceps and a bit of the shoulder muscles. The best way of doing push ups is to do the 100 day challenge. The goal of this challenge is to be able to do one hundred push ups in one session. I love this program because it is progressive. In just under two weeks, you will feel extremely strong (as long as you stay persistent with the routine). Don't forget that there are plenty of variations to push ups, some harder and some easier. For example, once your arms get really strong, you could try doing push ups with just one arm. If your arms are too weak to do full push ups, start from your knees and not your feet. Everyone has to start from a certain point so don't feel discouraged at first.

Crunches & sit-ups
Another classic exercise you can do at home is the crunches. Again, there are several variations to the abdominal crunch exercise. For example, you can bend your knees and slowly lift your upper body using your abdominal muscles. You don't have to lift it up fully. You just have to lift it to a forty five degree angle. Keep in mind that you can't just stick with one exercise when you work out your stomach. Your abdominal muscles are separated into different sides so you also have to do exercises that work out your top and side abdominal muscles. If you don't do so, your stomach will never look properly defined.

Get creative
Look around and see if there is anything you can use in your house. For example, you can do semi pull-ups using a table as support. You just have to get under the table facing upwards and pull yourself up. Make sure your table is heavy enough to support your weight first. If you can't get dumbbells, use another medium-sized object to work your guns. For example you can use a chair to work out your biceps and triceps. There are all sorts of possibilities. You just need to get a little creative.

Exercise doesn't have to always be about lifting objects. If you haven't tried it already, get a yoga mat and start doing some yoga exercises. It's more intense than you would think! Yoga is also a great way to socialize and meet new people so if you get the chance, head over for a trial session and see if it fits your fitness and social needs.

Running & skipping
Running and skipping is always a solid choice when it comes to maintaining your fitness. The types of running you do depends on the goals you want to achieve. If you want explosive leg strength then you will want to do short bursts of running. If you are looking to just maintain your cardiovascular fitness, go for a nice jog around your town. Anyhow, we hope you found it useful. Don't think about it. Start taking action now! By the way, click here to learn more about maintaining other parts of your body such as your teeth and face (get rid of pimples once and for all).

How to Get Rid of Ugly Pimples

Continuing on in our series of that affects a person's first impression; we cover how you can get rid of any annoying pimples that appear on your face. Last time around, we discussed how you can get a flat stomach through hard work and persistence. Unfortunately, pimples are another one of those things that take time to heal and resolve. Before you start going through a facial regime, you need to first find out the reason for all these pimples to appear on your face in the very first place.

Causes of pimples
There are all sorts of reasons as to why you may have pimples on your first. For most people, pimples usually start to appear during the puberty stage. They will continue appearing until the puberty period is over (this is usually the early twenties). Basically, there might not be a permanent solution for some people because the skin is naturally oily. For those who have pimples that only appear temporarily, here are some primary causes. First, it could be your eating habit that causes those ugly red blimps to appear. Try and avoid consuming anything that is very oily, especially before you go to bed.

Different zones, different causes
Did you know certain parts of your face are influenced by certain parts in your body? For example, your forehead skin is affected by your digestion. Therefore, if you have pimples appearing on your forehead, examine your eating and drinking habits. Are you eating too much "whole" food? Are you not drinking enough water? Forehead pimples usually start to disappear once you keep your body well hydrated. How about the skin just above your nose and between your eyes? Research suggests that this part is affiliated with your liver. Therefore, you are more likely to have pimples appearing there if you consume too much alcohol or eat really late at night. The cheek is probably the last place where you would want a pimple to appear because it is such a visible region. It is said that the cheek is related to your respiratory system. Therefore, watch what you breathe in. If you are smoking, try and cut the number of cigarettes down. Last but not least, the most annoying part to have a pimple appear is on your nose. Your nose usually tells you something about your blood pressure level. If you have a lot of inflammation and pimples on your nose, this could mean your blood pressure is abnormally high. So what's the solution for all these blemishing problems?

First, maintain a better diet. You must have your daily intake of vitamins and other important minerals. For example, my skin started to appear a lot younger after I started drinking one natural fruit shake every day. If you are on the lazy side, get one of those pills that contain a bit of every nutrient. On top of a great diet, you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially before you go to bed. Water is probably the most important thing you'll ever encounter throughout life.

Once you are on a proper diet, you have to start examining your facial regiment. If you don't have one, get yourself a facial cleanser. However, don't just get any from the shelf. You need to find one that matches your skin. If you have oily skin, get one that is suited for your skin condition. These products usually differentiate themselves through how oily or dry your skin is so it's easy to identify the right one. Before or after you head into the shower, apply the cleanser evenly across your face. Don't aggravate your skin by rubbing the cleanser too hard. You should do it in gentle, circular motions. If you stay persistent with this routine, your pimples should start to disappear within a week or two. By the way, did you know that your teeth might also have an influence on the health of your skin? Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups. You will be surprised by how much of a different it can make!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to Get the Killer Flat Stomach

In an earlier article, we discussed how bad breath is just one factor in determining whether someone makes a good or bad first impression. Another way one can be judged is through their appearance. Even if you don't think you do it consciously, we unconsciously judge people based on their appearance. There are many things that a killer flat stomach can represent towards people. One of the most difficult things in fitness is to actually get a nice stomach so it tells people that you are dedicated and motivated. In this article, we have a look at several ways to get a nice stomach.

#1 Your diet
You must watch what you eat. It doesn't matter how hard you work your stomach. Nothing is going to change if you continue eating those burgers and fries on a daily basis. When it comes to dietary intakes, you must reduce your consumption of things such as saturated fat. You should also get some more protein into your body system. Whether it is through protein shake or natural protein food such as chicken and egg, they will do a whole lot of good in helping you achieve those killer flat stomachs.

#2 Exercises
Many people think doing one abdominal exercise is not enough to getting killer stomachs. That isn't true. You got to add variety to your stomach exercises. There are exercises that target certain parts of your stomach. For example, crunches mainly target the bottom half of your abdominal muscles. Therefore, you need to do a variety of different exercises so you work out every part of your stomach. While you are working on those abdominal muscles, you must also do some sort of fitness exercise to get rid of any excess fat. Basically, do an exercise that is going to make you sweat. The most popular choices include running, swimming, and biking. There are also fun exercises you can take part in such as Zumba and Pilates. Of course, you should work out frequently (at least once every other day) in order to achieve your targets quickly.

For any fitness targets, you can only achieve it by getting the best of both worlds so watch what you eat and keep constant track of your exercise goals. Usually, the best way to achieve your flat stomach targets is by monitoring and achieving short-term goals. The most important thing is to keep your goals realistic. For example, you are highly unlikely to have flat stomachs after a few days of exercise. Although it is possible (as seen with many celebrities), they receive a lot of special care from professional trainers. To get an idea of what kind of exercises you should do, go on Youtube and search for abdominal workout videos. There are many that show a great mix of exercise routines.Remember, you don't have to spend hours working on your stomach. You may only need to spend less than ten minutes per day (as long as you push yourself to the limit). Anyhow, best of luck in achieving your fitness goals and click here to learn more about some excellent dental products.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Quickly

In an earlier article, we discussed some of the important things that affect one's first impression. On the top of the list is bad breath. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which you can instantly get bad breath. Whether it is due to your eating habits or your dental behaviors, bad breath is something you definitely wouldn't want for the long haul. In this article, you will discover several ways of treating bad breath. However, the first thing you should do first is to identify the main cause of bad breath. For some people, bad breath could simply be beyond their control. For example, if you are affected by some sort of sinus infection, there is nothing much you can do about it until you have the sinus infection healed. Anyhow, here are some of the treatments you can do to remedy your situation.

#1 Dental habit
Unless you already follow a stringent routine of brushing and flossing your teeth everyday, you will need to focus on improving your dental habits. For example, you have to ask yourself questions like the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth. If you have been spending less than 30 seconds, you are doing it all wrong. You aren't giving enough time for the brush to scrape off any residue or stains on your teeth surface. You should also be flossing your teeth on a regular basis. You will never be able to get rid of all the food stains on your teeth without flossing. Last but not least, you must clean your tongue. Many people ignore this stage because they don't see it as an important dental activity but the state of your tongue can make a huge difference to how bad or good your breath smells. The trick is to use a handy device called a tongue scraper. You would be surprised by all the icky white stuff that comes out of your tongue after a good scrape!

#2 Eating habit
There are certain types of food that are definitely going to create a stench in your mouth. The typical culprits include things like onions and garlic. This doesn't mean you should avoid them altogether. There are plenty of great nutritional benefits that come from onions and garlic. It just means you have to pay more attention to the aftermath of a meal session. Always have a pack of gum ready, especially if you are going to be out from home for a long period of time. If you have serious case of bad breath, you might want to bring a small bottle of anti-bacterial mouthwash around so you can give your mouth a nice swig after every meal.

#3 Body infections
Your breath can start to smell due to infection in your body. The most common disease that can cause your breath to smell really bad is anything that affects your sinus. If you follow a good dental habit and eat healthily, go for a health check-up. The medical professional will be able to help you identify the main source behind the heavy odor that swarms out of your mouth.

In most cases, bad breath disappears once you follow a stringent dental routine. Take action soon before people start making unwanted comments about your breath. Hygiene makes a big difference in setting apart the good and the bad. You might want to also work on your teeth by using the best teeth whitening products available in the market.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 5 Things You Look for in a First Impression

Whether you like to or not, we all judge at some point in our lives. One of the most common ways we judge people is through their first impression. This can come in a number of ways: their appearance, their behavior, and their stance. In this article, we have a look at five of the top things most people look for in a first impression. Take note of these tips so the next time you meet someone new, you are able to create a favorable impression towards them!

Your emotions
Nothing beats a great smile when it comes to creating a positive first impression. Don't overdo the smile though or else it will come across as a bit creepy. You just need to keep your smile nice and natural. Regardless of what kind of situation you are in, a smile will always come through. For example, if you are locked in difficult negotiations with a counterpart, a smile will keep the atmosphere a little less tense. You might also appear very confident from your counterpart's point of view so the negotiation may work a little towards your favor in terms of a psychological viewpoint. Unless it is absolutely necessary, always stick to positive emotions and everything else will work out on its own.

Your hygiene (teeth)
There are so many turn-offs that can lead to unfavorable first impressions. The main culprits are bad teeth, bad breath, dandruff, and messy hair (unless it is intentionally styled that way of course). It isn't necessarily always the case but someone with a nice smile (with white teeth) will come across as a person who is a lot nicer than someone with crooked teeth. If you haven't been maintaining your dental hygiene, start now! Out of the best teeth whitening solutions available, there are ones that work immediately in the short-term and others that take a while for the substances to take effect.

Your fashion sense
These days, people can no longer getting away with any common clothing. Your fashion sense makes a big statement on whether you are someone people want to get to know or someone who people would want to avoid. In the end, it comes down to what situation you are in. In an obvious scenario, let's say you are attending some sort of formal evening party. Instead of wearing an elegant suit, you decide to rock up in some pajamas. Obviously, this is a very extreme example that is unlikely to ever happen but I hope you get my point. Wear smart and always have an idea of what you want to wear the night before a big day.

Your listening skills
Listening plays a big part in first impression. When you have a conversation with someone new, make sure you give them an equal opportunity to talk about whatever topic you are discussing. The key to a good listener is to be able to remember key points in the conversation and bring it back up at a later date. What does this show to your counterpart? It shows that you don't just think that he or she is a nobody, but is actually a person who you could consider as a valuable colleague or friend.

There are a lot more factors I can delve into when it comes to creating a great impression. In the end, some people might just not be great at creating a good first impression due to their natural personality. If you ever come across someone that appears to be that way, give them a second chance before judging whether he is a good or bad fit in your friendship circle. Click here for some advice on teeth whitening.

5 Teeth Whitening Advice You Must Not Ignore

Everyone longs for those pearly white teeth but unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with them throughout their lifetime. For some, yellow teeth comes naturally so it's not as easy 1-2-3 for them to get their teeth whitened. You would be surprised to know that the natural color of teeth is not actually white but yellow. So it's not only your habits that cause your teeth to stain. Regardless of what kind of situation you are in, here are five of the best teeth whitening advice you should heed to when you start your dental routines every day.

1. Floss and scrape
Many people don't realize how important it is to floss their teeth. Don't think your dental routine is over after you brush your teeth. There will still be stuff left in your teeth that won't pluck off until you floss. There are two ways to floss: water flossing and dental flossing. Most of you would probably have heard of the dental floss. It's a piece of string you move back and forth between each tooth. However, I find water picks to be a more effective way of flossing. Basically, a water pick device shoots out a stream of water from a pointed tip and that water shoots out any food particles lodged in your mouth. Water picks are also highly effective for people affected by dental conditions such as impacted wisdom teeth so it's well worth the investment.

2. Avoiding certain food and beverages
There are certain types of foods and beverages that are likely to encourage to staining on your teeth. Such food and beverages include every day favorites such as coffee, chocolate, and red wine. This doesn't mean you should avoid these food and drinks altogether. It just means you will either have to limit the consumption of these things. The general rule of thumb is, if it stains your white t-shirt, it will stain your teeth as well. If possible, brush or rinse your teeth soon after you finish with these staining food and drinks so there is less of a chance for those staining substances to settle on your teeth surface. On top of these staining food and drinks, you should also avoid types that encourage the growth of cavities and plaque. For example, artificial candy is a good example of what you should avoid eating. Plaque produces bacteria which slowly eat away at your teeth. Eventually, your teeth will be in such a bad state because its protective layer is all worn out. Change your eating habits when you still have a chance!

3. Avoid other bad habits like smoking
Your eating habits aren't the only things you have to be concerned about. Smoking is a prime culprit of yellow teeth. Yes, I sympathize with those who have already tried but failed to stop their smoking addiction but you got to put more effort into it. It doesn't come as a huge surprise that chain smokers generally have the worst teeth in the community.

4. Brush effectively for at least two minutes
Don't just pick up your toothbrush for a few seconds. You need to brush your teeth effectively for at least two minutes! Those sediments aren't going to become unstuck if you only spend less than a minute brushing your teeth. Some toothpaste also require a bit more time for its whitening efforts to take place. You know how a lot of teeth whitening products like whitening strips require you to spend at least 30 minutes + applying the product? Well, teeth whitening toothpaste generally use the same ingredients as those products but at a lesser concentration so you can imagine how little of an effect it would have on your teeth if you don't spend at least two minutes.

5. Dental check ups
I can't stress this enough. Go for a dental checkup at least once a year. I ended up having to spend thousands the last time I went to see my dentist because I neglected to have my teeth professionally cleaned for a few years. Those with healthy teeth usually only require a minor treatment called scaling (basically scraping off any stains or plaque on your teeth).

Follow these five points and you will be sure to maintain healthy teeth for the rest of your life! Remember, the condition of your teeth reaches out to your overall health so don't just ignore it as if it counts for nothing. For example, the condition of your teeth has an effect on how well you sleep!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Fall Asleep in Three... Two... zZzZzzz

For some, falling asleep is as easy as one, two, and three. For others, it may take hours before they are able to actually fall asleep. If you are part of the latter group, here are some tricks to try in order to make it easier for you to fall asleep in the near future. If you don't see any changes after trying these tricks for a few weeks, you may have to see a medical professional to diagnose your sleeping problems.

1. Maintain a consistent routine
I can't stress this highly enough. You must follow a regular sleeping routine. All of us have something called a circadian rhythm. It is basically another word for our body clock. If you sleep early one night and sleep later the other, you are going to get your body all confused and you will never be able to sleep whenever you want to. Let's say you are a student and you are about to go full-time. Well, those late hours of procrastinating while you were still a student won't do you any good. You have to start sleeping earlier and stick with that habit.

2. Get cozy
Many people underestimate how important it is that you are as cozy as possible. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to invest in an expensive memory foam mattress. Some people may prefer hard mattress or are perfectly fine with spring mattresses. In terms of coziness, you have to pay attention to several factors like the room temperature, your body position, and the clothe you wear. You would be surprised by how much of a difference it can make if you sleep naked (of course, only if you are comfortable with it).

3. Environment
The level of coziness isn't the only thing you have to focus on. You also have to pay attention to the environment. Go back in time and see if you notice anything that really bothers you whenever you try and fall asleep? Is it the intense streetlight outside? Is it the never-ending night traffic? Identify the problem and fix it. For example, invest in heavy-duty curtains if it is the light that is bothering you. Invest in earplugs if the noise pollution is driving you crazy.

4. Brain intensive activity
If you have been tumbling around your bed all night, you should simply get up and do an activity that will drain your brain away. Some people like to do it the good old way by reading a book. Unfortunately, that hasn't really worked well for me in the past. Identify your favorite nighttime activity and use it as a way to make you tired. I like to game.

5. Stay hydrated throughout the day
Nothing much to say here but it is important that you keep your body well-hydrated. You wouldn't want to shrivel up like a dry fruit after you fall asleep!

6. Keep yourself busy all day
This is pretty much an extension of point four. Don't just sit there and do nothing all day. Do something that will make your body feel exhausted. Most recommend that you don't do sports just before you sleep but this doesn't really apply to everyone. I find that I am able to fall asleep really quickly after some high-intensity exercise and a nice, warm shower.

7. Maintain personal hygiene
Last but not least, maintain great personal hygiene. Don't forget to brush your teeth every day to avoid diseases and conditions like canker sores. You would be surprised by how much of an impediment sensitive tooth is to your sleeping habits. The healthier you are, the easier it is to fall asleep. By the way, if you ever wondered why you parents are able to fall asleep so easily then this is why. As you get older, your sleeping patterns begin to change. Not only do you fall asleep earlier, you also end up waking up a lot earlier.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Ultimate Guide to Mouth Ulcers & Canker Sores

Earlier in part 2 and part 1 of our A-Z Guide of common dental problems and conditions, we covered problems associated with a condition called mouth ulcers. To quickly summarize, mouth ulcers are small (or large) white spots that appear inside your mouth. In most cases, they only cause a bit of irritation whenever you eat or talk loudly. They also heal naturally so you just need to be careful about your habits while you are affected by mouth ulcers. In this article, we do a comprehensive analysis on mouth ulcers. What are they? How do they form? What are the main symptoms? What's the best way to treat and prevent mouth ulcers? All of this is covered in our ultimate guide to mouth ulcers & canker sores.

What are mouth ulcers?
In basic terms, mouth ulcers are white spots that appear on your gum. Usually, everyone gets a mouth ulcer at least once in their lifetime. The white spot appears due to an open sore in your mouth and there are several ways that open sore could have appeared. Mouth ulcers are also known by other terms such as apthous ulcers and canker sores. Mouth ulcers can be generalized into three main categories: minor, major, and herpetiform. I will briefly explain what the differences are between each of these ulcers.

As the name implies, a minor ulcer is very small in size. It is usually less than 8mm in diameter so it is barely visible. Since they are so small, you will not really notice any pain or irritation that results from the minor ulcer. The major ulcer is slightly bigger than the minor ulcer. They are also a lot deeper than the minor ones so you will definitely feel a lot of pain whenever you consume something hot or cold. Unlike the minor one, the major ulcer takes more than a week to heal. It may even result in scars so every care needs to be taken in order to treat major ulcers. The last type on the list is the herpetiform ulcer. This type can be seen as a mix of minor and major ulcers. At the beginning, herpetiform ulcers can appear in their tens or hundreds. These tiny spots eventually merge together to form weirdly-shaped ulcers. Since their shape is irregular and very large, they tend to cause a lot of pain to the patient. Luckily, herpetiform ulcers only affect a very small percentage of medical patients.

So how do these ulcers exactly form? The main cause is usually the lack of dental hygiene. For example, if you don't clear all the bacteria in your mouth by not brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis, your chances of contracting ulcers and other dental diseases increase by a significant margin. Mouth ulcers can also also be triggered by other causes such as the lack of vitamin & nutrients, smoking, eating certain types of food in large portions such as chocolate and coffee, stress, and hormonal changes. As you can see, unless you know how bad your dental hygiene is, it's not that easy to identify the main cause of your mouth ulcer condition. The best you can do is to avoid any bad habits while you are having the condition treated.

What are the main symptoms?
As highlighted earlier, the main symptom is the white spot. If you see a white spot, big or small, in your mouth, you are most likely dealing with an ulcer. Other symptoms include pain whenever you consume hot or cold food and beverages. You may also feel slight irritation whenever you shout or scream.

What are the best ways of treating mouth ulcers?
Unless you are dealing with a severe case, mouth ulcers will naturally heal on their own. It's not about treating the mouth ulcer, it's about knowing how to not aggravate the condition even further. For example, you should stop any habits that are detrimental to your dental health such as smoking and drinking a lot of coffee. You should also pay extra attention when you brush and floss your teeth. You should temporarily stop using any teeth whitening products that may cause your teeth or gums to become a lot more sensitive as well.

What are the best ways of preventing it?
I pretty much covered this already. Stop any bad habits like smoking and make sure you maintain your dental health. As I said before, you are likely to have at least one ulcer in your lifetime but if you treat your mouth well, you will only be affected by minor ulcers, not ones that consist of the major or herpetiform types.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A-Z Guide of Common Dental Problems & Diseases Part 2

Just got here? Check out part 1 of our A-Z Guide of Common Dental problems if you haven't done so already! It's always good to be prepared in advance for any dental problems that may come your way. The best teeth whitening method and the best way to avoid these problems is to simply keep up with your teeth brushing and flossing efforts. In part 1, we examine common problems like bad breath and wisdom teeth extraction. In part 2, we look into other common conditions like teeth cavities. Are you ready?

#6 Tooth Decay
One of the worst dental problems to deal with is tooth decay. As you could probably guess, tooth decay is a result of not maintaining good dental hygiene. You are letting bacteria attack from all sides by not cleaning your teeth on a regular basis with strengthening chemicals like fluoride. For tooth decay to occur, a cavity needs to first form on your teeth. The bacteria in the cavity start to slowly eat away at your teeth structure by synthesizing acid. So how is tooth decay treated? If you are dealing with a pretty severe situation, your dentist may offer to do several professional treatments to get rid of the cavity. For example, your dentist will do a deep cleaning process to get rid of the bacteria in your cavity, then fill the cavity with fillings. For really severe situations, you may have to do expensive treatments like crowning or root canals. It's simple. Keep brushing your teeth on a regular basis if you don't want to be forking out money away for these unnecessary treatments.

#7 Sensitive Teeth
Oh sensitive teeth. Why thou you exist? The first sign that indicates that you have sensitive teeth is when your mouth starts to hurt whenever you consume something hot or cold. It's almost like a piercing pain that gradually disappears. You may also feel uncomfortable when you brush or floss your teeth due to teeth sensitivity. So what causes this condition to occur? Well, one of the main causes is the problem I just highlight previously, tooth decay. Your teeth may also become sensitivity after you have a teeth extracted. While you are treating to treat your sensitive teeth, a dentist may recommend you use a special desensitized toothpaste. These toothpastes ensure that you won't feel any discomfort while you brush your teeth. If this medicated toothpaste does not do you any good, a dentist may do an in-office treatment such as using fluoride gel to strengthen your teeth protection layer. The solution really depends on what is causing your teeth to become sensitive. For example, if tooth decay is the main cause, then teeth sensitivity will disappear once you have the cavity treated and filled.

#8 Burned Tongues
One of the weirdest feelings you will ever get is when you have a burned tongue. The pain isn't necessarily painful. There is just this weird uncomfortable feeling you get whenever your burned tongue gets in contact with a substance. The moment you have a burned tongue, reach out for something cold like ice cubes and maintain contact for at least a minute. This will help your tongue cool down quickly. Unless you are dealing with a third-degree burn, the tongue will naturally itself. During the healing process, it is ever so important that you avoid acidic food such as oranges, soft drinks, and vinegar.

#9 Chipped Teeth
One of the most unfortunate conditions you have to deal with in the dental world is when you have a chipped tooth. This can happen for all kinds of reasons. Whether you slammed your mouth into something incredibly hard or you've been grinding your teeth all day long, a chipped tooth is something you want to treat as soon as it appears. If you don't, you may lose the whole teeth altogether. The common method of treating chipped teeth is to either use a filling or bonding treatment. Using a special substance, the dentist will recreate the shape of the chipped tooth using molding material. Once the mold is bonded to the original tooth, the dentist will utilize UV rays to strengthen the bondage and make sure the replacement never falls off.

#10 Lost Tooth
Once you reach the age of no return, the last thing you want to deal with is to lose an adult tooth. For this kind of situation, you can't expect your body to simply replace it with another tooth. You will need to go for expensive treatments and replace the lost tooth with a synthetic one instead. One way of treating a lost tooth is by using dental implants. The dentist will basically drill a synthetic dental root into the empty gum hole and use that to secure an artificial tooth. Unlike other treatments, there will be repercussions on the adjacent teeth. You can also floss and brush your artificial teeth as if it was natural.

So there you have it. Ten of the most common dental problems people have to deal with at some point in their lifetime. If you feel there are other dental problems worth mentioning (we know there are a lot more), please comment using the form below. We appreciate your opinions and comments!

A-Z Guide of Common Dental Problems & Diseases Part 1

Be prepared in advance for any dental problems that may come your way. If you maintain great dental hygiene (e.g. brush and floss your teeth everyday), you are probably going to do just fine. By reading about these conditions in advanced, you will be in a better position to handle and alleviate the problem as soon as it appears. Without further ado, here is part 1 of our A to Z guide of common Dental problems & diseases.

#1 Bad Breath
No one likes to be in the close proximity of someone with bad breath. Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of factors that could inflict bad breath. The common causes include poor dental habits, smoking, and sinus infections. Other than the obvious reason I just stated previously, there are many other reasons as to why you would want to take care of bad breath as soon as possible. First, the persistent presence of bad breath could indicate that you are affected by some sort of gum disease (as we will discuss later). Bad breath may also indicate that your quality of saliva is very low. By this, your saliva isn't doing its job of getting rid of bacteria in your mouth. There are several ways to tackle bad breath. If you aren't doing so already, start getting into the habit of brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth with mouthwash every day. This will usually take care of your entire bad breaths problem. If you are a chain smoker, you should also try and break this bad habit as soon as possible, not just for your teeth but also for your overall health. If dental hygiene isn't the problem, you should visit a dentist to identify any secondary causes that may create bad mouth odor. For example, people affected by sinus infections will need special medication to get rid of bad breath. Take action now before more people start to cringe over your bad breath.

#2 Gingivitis
Gingivitis is the most common gum disease among dental patients. If gingivitis isn't treated quickly, it will eventually move on to becoming periodontal disease, a more serious form of gum disease. Gingivitis patients are affected by inflammation in the gum. People affected by gingivitis usually won't notice at first but the pain will gradually become worse as the condition is left untreated. So what causes gingivitis? Like most dental problems, the main cause is usually poor dental hygiene. Gingivitis can also occur after a dental surgery (e.g. wisdom teeth extraction). The best way to tackle gingivitis is to see a dentist who will then prescribe the appropriate medications. So what exactly happens if you let this disease prosper? After it turns into a more severe condition (also known as Periodontal disease), you are likely to be affected by things such as tooth loss due to the reclining of the gum.

#3 Periodontal Disease
As mentioned previously, periodontal disease is the more sever state of gum disease. Instead of having inflammation around the gum, a lot of the inflammation will be focused around the teeth. During this stage, your teeth won't feel as firm as usual. The gums basically pull away from the teeth and the open pocket between the teeth and gum starts to get infected by bacteria or viruses. Not only would this affect the teeth, it would also affect the underlying bone structure that holds your jaw together. One of the most effective way of treating these kinds of gum diseases is to do a deep cleaning treatment. Through techniques like scaling, the dentist will get rid of any plaque that is allowing the bacteria to spread across the gum. For more severe cases, a laser might be required in order to get rid of the tartar or plaque. Once the plaque has been removed, you will then have to consistently take medication in order to reduce the inflammation that is affecting the gum. During this healing period, it is highly recommended that you avoid consuming food or drinks that have acidic properties.

#4 Mouth Ulcers
Regardless of whether you have a clean or dirty dental habit, mouth ulcers usually affect everyone at least once in a lifetime. Of course, mouth ulcers vary in shape and sizes. Mouth ulcers can be classified into three general categories: minor, major, and herpetiform. Minor mouth ulcers are the most common out of the three. They are extremely small in size and will only cause slight irritation whenever you move your mouth. Major ulcers are a lot more severe. They tend to be bigger than 10 mm in diameter so they can definitely do some harm while you try and eat or talk. The last type, the herpetiform, is a mix of both minor and major. In summary, a group of small ulcers merge together to form one large, irregular ulcer. So how are mouth ulcers treated? Usually, they naturally heal on their own so you just have to take precautions during the process. For example, you should avoid any food or drinks that could cause further irritations such as soft drinks and candies. You should also maintain good dental habits to get rid of any bacteria that may cause further problems on your gum.

#5 Wisdom Teeth
Last on the list is the good old wisdom teeth. The majority of us poor souls will have to go through a certain phase when we'll need all our wisdom teeth extracted. A few lucky souls won't have to experience it at all because they have no wisdom teeth to begin with! So why do we have to take our wisdom teeth out? The main reason is the impact. Wisdom teeth tend to grow towards the back molar tooth. Once it does, you will start to experience a lot of irritation and pain as the wisdom teeth pushes against the molar teeth. If you let it grow, the wisdom teeth might even form a hole in the molar teeth which is why it is ever so important that you have those teeth extracted whenever it is required. Wisdom teeth extraction isn't exactly all that painful due to the magic of local anesthetic but it will take a while for the wisdom teeth hole to recover, especially if you are dealing with an impacted wisdom teeth.

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