Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Get Rid of Ugly Pimples

Continuing on in our series of that affects a person's first impression; we cover how you can get rid of any annoying pimples that appear on your face. Last time around, we discussed how you can get a flat stomach through hard work and persistence. Unfortunately, pimples are another one of those things that take time to heal and resolve. Before you start going through a facial regime, you need to first find out the reason for all these pimples to appear on your face in the very first place.

Causes of pimples
There are all sorts of reasons as to why you may have pimples on your first. For most people, pimples usually start to appear during the puberty stage. They will continue appearing until the puberty period is over (this is usually the early twenties). Basically, there might not be a permanent solution for some people because the skin is naturally oily. For those who have pimples that only appear temporarily, here are some primary causes. First, it could be your eating habit that causes those ugly red blimps to appear. Try and avoid consuming anything that is very oily, especially before you go to bed.

Different zones, different causes
Did you know certain parts of your face are influenced by certain parts in your body? For example, your forehead skin is affected by your digestion. Therefore, if you have pimples appearing on your forehead, examine your eating and drinking habits. Are you eating too much "whole" food? Are you not drinking enough water? Forehead pimples usually start to disappear once you keep your body well hydrated. How about the skin just above your nose and between your eyes? Research suggests that this part is affiliated with your liver. Therefore, you are more likely to have pimples appearing there if you consume too much alcohol or eat really late at night. The cheek is probably the last place where you would want a pimple to appear because it is such a visible region. It is said that the cheek is related to your respiratory system. Therefore, watch what you breathe in. If you are smoking, try and cut the number of cigarettes down. Last but not least, the most annoying part to have a pimple appear is on your nose. Your nose usually tells you something about your blood pressure level. If you have a lot of inflammation and pimples on your nose, this could mean your blood pressure is abnormally high. So what's the solution for all these blemishing problems?

First, maintain a better diet. You must have your daily intake of vitamins and other important minerals. For example, my skin started to appear a lot younger after I started drinking one natural fruit shake every day. If you are on the lazy side, get one of those pills that contain a bit of every nutrient. On top of a great diet, you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially before you go to bed. Water is probably the most important thing you'll ever encounter throughout life.

Once you are on a proper diet, you have to start examining your facial regiment. If you don't have one, get yourself a facial cleanser. However, don't just get any from the shelf. You need to find one that matches your skin. If you have oily skin, get one that is suited for your skin condition. These products usually differentiate themselves through how oily or dry your skin is so it's easy to identify the right one. Before or after you head into the shower, apply the cleanser evenly across your face. Don't aggravate your skin by rubbing the cleanser too hard. You should do it in gentle, circular motions. If you stay persistent with this routine, your pimples should start to disappear within a week or two. By the way, did you know that your teeth might also have an influence on the health of your skin? Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for dental checkups. You will be surprised by how much of a different it can make!

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