Friday, September 6, 2013

Top 5 Things You Look for in a First Impression

Whether you like to or not, we all judge at some point in our lives. One of the most common ways we judge people is through their first impression. This can come in a number of ways: their appearance, their behavior, and their stance. In this article, we have a look at five of the top things most people look for in a first impression. Take note of these tips so the next time you meet someone new, you are able to create a favorable impression towards them!

Your emotions
Nothing beats a great smile when it comes to creating a positive first impression. Don't overdo the smile though or else it will come across as a bit creepy. You just need to keep your smile nice and natural. Regardless of what kind of situation you are in, a smile will always come through. For example, if you are locked in difficult negotiations with a counterpart, a smile will keep the atmosphere a little less tense. You might also appear very confident from your counterpart's point of view so the negotiation may work a little towards your favor in terms of a psychological viewpoint. Unless it is absolutely necessary, always stick to positive emotions and everything else will work out on its own.

Your hygiene (teeth)
There are so many turn-offs that can lead to unfavorable first impressions. The main culprits are bad teeth, bad breath, dandruff, and messy hair (unless it is intentionally styled that way of course). It isn't necessarily always the case but someone with a nice smile (with white teeth) will come across as a person who is a lot nicer than someone with crooked teeth. If you haven't been maintaining your dental hygiene, start now! Out of the best teeth whitening solutions available, there are ones that work immediately in the short-term and others that take a while for the substances to take effect.

Your fashion sense
These days, people can no longer getting away with any common clothing. Your fashion sense makes a big statement on whether you are someone people want to get to know or someone who people would want to avoid. In the end, it comes down to what situation you are in. In an obvious scenario, let's say you are attending some sort of formal evening party. Instead of wearing an elegant suit, you decide to rock up in some pajamas. Obviously, this is a very extreme example that is unlikely to ever happen but I hope you get my point. Wear smart and always have an idea of what you want to wear the night before a big day.

Your listening skills
Listening plays a big part in first impression. When you have a conversation with someone new, make sure you give them an equal opportunity to talk about whatever topic you are discussing. The key to a good listener is to be able to remember key points in the conversation and bring it back up at a later date. What does this show to your counterpart? It shows that you don't just think that he or she is a nobody, but is actually a person who you could consider as a valuable colleague or friend.

There are a lot more factors I can delve into when it comes to creating a great impression. In the end, some people might just not be great at creating a good first impression due to their natural personality. If you ever come across someone that appears to be that way, give them a second chance before judging whether he is a good or bad fit in your friendship circle. Click here for some advice on teeth whitening.

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